Welcome to the journey called Trancescension.
Every week we bring you the latest and greatest tracks out there in this 1 hour long show.
We will hit you with everything from the biggest uplifting trance to the hardest hitting progressive and psy basslines.

This week we have a small announcement for you all.
Trancescension is Expanding with a second show that will air once a month starting this month.
Note down the 26th of January for episode 1 of Trancescension Evolution and go HERE for more information

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Track List:
01:03) Avao, Crubbixz, Jacob Westfall – Let Me Love You (Extended Mix) [Reaching Altitude]
05:01) Susie Ledge, Maratone – Our Time (Extended Mix) [ Interplay Records ]
08:23) Aki Harunari – Shigure (Extended Mix) [ Nothing But ]
13:01) Nth Factor – Escaping Paradise (The Conductor, The Cowboy Remix) [ Trancespired Recordings ]
19:31) Susana, Kojun – Caught In A Memory (Mike Zaloxx Remix) [ Serendipity Muzik ]
24:38) Alexander Popov – Adagio (Extended Mix) [ Interplay Records ]
28:14) (POTW) Bluespark & Astral Shock – Shade Of Nightwolf (Original Mix) [ Sundance Recording ]
32:52) (ATOW) That Girl, D72, Tobias Maarten – Pendulum (Extended Mix) [ Interplay Records ]
37:02) Iberian – Help Me Stop Loving You (Extended Mix) [ Joyride Music ]
43:09) Bluskay, KeyPlayer, Esmee Bor Stotijn – Winter Took Over (Original Mix) [ ]
47:19) Denis Airwave, Sarah Escapé – Horizon (Tycoos Extended Remix) [ 2Rock Recordings ]
51:45) Marc Jerome, Liliana Iodice – Scars (Fischer & Miethig Remix) [ Joyride Music ]