Welcome to the month November.
I hope you all had a wonderful October and enjoyed last weeks Showcase and Guests.
But now it is time to return to the order of the day, which is the Ascension Roundup.

Like every month before this one I have gone through all the episodes of last month and tried to pick out the tracks that stood out the most to me.
With these tracks I created a top 5 and that is where we are today.
In this episode we will be going through my top 5 of last month tracks and go through some amazing bunch of upcoming releases.

I hope you will enjoy and I will see you again next week.

Track List:

01) (AR5) Illitheas – Darkness Falls (Extended Mix) [ Abora Progressive ]
02) (AR4) Kate Miles, Tycoos – Edge Of Paradise (Extended Mix) [ Suanda Voice ]
03) (AR3) Stoneface & Terminal, Roger Shah – Hyperion (Extended Mix) [ FSOE ]
04) (AR2) The Conductor & The Cowboy Feat. Aero – Set Me Free (The Jinx Brothers Remix) [ Premier League Recordings ]
05) (AR1) Masaru Hinaji – Flow (Original Mix) [ Sundance Recordings ]
06) LiftChain – Beyond The Stars (iamMTN Remix) [ Premier League Recordings ]
07) (ATOW) Be-Pack – Become One (TP One Remix) [ TranZone Recordings ]
08) D`Arcangel – Lost In Paradise (Terra V. Remix) [ TranZone Recordings ]
09) Grande Piano – New Generation (Original Mix) [ Sundance Recordings ]
10) (POTW) Victor Special – The Myth (Original Mix) [ Sundance Recordings ]