Welcome to a brand new episode of Trancescension where I take back the decks for this weeks journey.
We have some really amazing releases today and a very cool Promo Of The Week.
There is also a new sublabel by Premier League Recordings which has released few tracks which we will be playing throughout this episode.

If you liked any of the tracks be sure to vote for your favorite at bit further down the page.

Hope you enjoy and till next week

Track List

01:03 Etasonic – Just For Once In Life (Extended Mix) [Abora recordings]
07:46 Speed DJ – Divine Power (Extended Mix) [Premier League Recordings]
12:51 Illitheas – Darkness Falls (Extended Mix) [Abora Recording]
17:09 (POTW) Nhato – Atlas (Extended Mix) [Omniset Records]
21:28 Vorcera – Planck Epoch (Original Mix) [TranZone Recordings]
27:46 Ruslan Khatmullin – Richness (Mark Van Rijswijk Remix) [Premier League Recordings]
32:25 Thomas Venutu – From The Ashes (Extended Mix) [Edge One]
36:36 Mahaputra – To The Infinity (Extended Mix) [Premier League Recordings
42:05 (ATOW) Yisus Madrid – Under The Rain (Extended Mix) [Premier League Recordings]
47:34 DJ Geri & Gonzalo Bam – Whispered Feelings (Extended Mix) [Premier League Recordings]
52:36 Etasonic – Just For Once In Life (Sentimental Mix) [Abora recordings]

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