The new month has started.
That means we have counted your votes and have now a top 5 of your favorite tracks of last month.
Time for the new Ascension Roundup.

We also have a new ATOW and POTW But even more important is the new announcement of the 100th episode and 2 years of Trancescension celebration on the 18th.
Check out the our news page for more info on this.

Enjoy this weeks episode!

Track List:

01:30 (AR5) Drival – Tempus Fugit (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings (RazNitzanMusic)]
06:16 (AR4) MaRLo, HALIENE, Triode – Castles in the Sky (Extended Mix)[Central Station Records]
10:50 (AR3) Mercurial Virus – The Lion (Extended Mix) [Trancespired Recordings]
14:43 (AR2) Manuel Rocca – Aquamarine (Alex Byrka Extended Remix) [Abora Recordings]
20:35 (AR1) Paul Johnson – Nessus (Original Mix) [TranZone Recordings]
26:09 Leon Artez – Stellata (Take Me Away) (Original Mix) [TranZone Progressive]
30:32 N-sKing –  Hope For Escape (Extended Mix) [Digital Euphoria]
36:19 (ATOW) Ramin Arab – Crystal (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
40:44 (POTW) Artifi – U – PHORIA (Original_Mix) [Tecnomind Uplifting]
45:53 Vorcera  – ID [TranZone Recordings]
50:33 Dais – Something Was Wrong (Original Mix) [VERSE (Equinox)]
56:40 HALIENE & Maratone – Make It To Tomorrow (Extended Mix) [Abora Recordings

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