This week we have our bi-monthly Showcase episode.
The episode where we present you with a record label and give them a place to show off what they are all about.

For this showcase, get ready for Alter Ego Recordings.
Mixed by Luigi Palagano

Track List:

1. Stratos Kokotas – Bali Sunrise [Alter Ego Records]
2. Sam Stroke & Isaac Fisherman pres Massif – Frontseat 2019 (Haris C Remix) [Alter Ego Records]
3. Soren Andrews – Llamagasm [Alter Ego Records]
4. Tau-Rine & TH3 ONE – Twister [Alter Ego Records]
5. Aimoon & MageSky – The Mountains [Alter Ego Records]
6. Ahmet Atasever feat Monty Wells – Trading Halos (Sunset Remix) [Alter Ego Records]
7. Vinny DeGeorge – Seascape [Alter Ego Records]
8. XiJaro & Pitch – Always Hope [Alter Ego Pure]
9. AstroFegs & Thomas Aaren – Valkyrie [Alter Ego Pure]
10. Kayan Code – Furion [Alter Ego Pure]
11. Aimoon – Ineffable Feeling (Vinny DeGeorge Remix) [Alter Ego Records]
12. Ryan K – Rivage [Alter Ego Records]