Final episode of the month, which means that we arrived at a new Guest Sessions episode.
We hope you are ready for this months London based guest as he his specialty is uplifting, psy and hard trance.

So time to buckle up and get ready for an energetic show of power.

Track List:

01) Ticon – 1987 (Symphonix Remix)
02) Sean Tyas – In Bloom (Extended Mix)
03) Sonic Entity – Manitou (Original Mix)
04) Oberon – Twenty Five Years (Original Mix)
05) Man With No Name – Teleoort (Sabretooth Remix)
06) Zach Zlov – Tryambakam (Original Mix)
07) The Digital Blande – Wishmaster (Original Mix)
08) Simon Patterson – Spike (Vertical Mode Remix)
09) Oberon – Creation (Sabertooth Remix)
10) Lyktum – Mindfulness (Original Mix)
11) Ovnimoon – Give (Original Mix)
12) Protoculture – Avalon (Protoculture mix)