As always it is time for a brand new episode of Trancescension.
We hope you are ready for this episode as we have the new Ascension Roundup votes counted and the list is amazing yet again.
We have multiple recent releases and some really good upcoming releases.

There is of course also a new ATOW together with a new POTW so there is enough to tune in for again.
Enjoy this weeks episode and don’t forget to vote for your favorite track!

Track List

01:03 – (AR5) Ciaran McAuley – From Within (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
07:17 – (AR4) The Pulsarix – Titanium (Original Mix) [D.Max]
11:58 – (AR3) Michele Cecchi – Victory (Original_Mix) [TranZone Recordings]
18:00 – (AR2) MaRLo, HALIENE, Triode – Castles in the Sky (Extended Mix)[Central Station Records]
22:35 – (AR1) Sandro Mireno – In Our Memory (Extended mix) [Abora Skies]
27:38 – BarWall – Where Will I Go (Extended Mix) [Abora Recordings]
33:11 – (ATOW) Liam Wilson, Paul Troubridge – The Fortress (Extended Mix) [Subculture]
37:46 – Lost Witness feat. Milos Novotny – Rescue Me (Extended Mix) [Edge One]
43:38 – (POTW) Fedde van Diemen – On The Move (Original Mix) [TranZone Recordings]
47:53 – Sunday 9pm – Lost (Artifi Remix) [Tecnomind Uplifting]
53:31 – aNPC – Boxed In (Original Mix) [TranZone Recordings]

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