Brand new episode for you with a lot of new and upcoming releases.
Get ready for a new ATOW and POTW in this hour long journey.

I hope you enjoy and please vote below for your favorite track of the week.
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Leave your name and a comment about why a track spoke to you.
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Cheers and till next week.

Track List

01:03 Ciaran McAuley – From Within (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
07:17 Denis Sender – Shine (Victor Special Remix) [Neostatics Essential]
12:42 (ATOW) Brenak – Ascension (Extended Mix) [Mind Resonance Records]
17:02 Terra V. – Ontic (Original Mix) [A&S Records]
21:59 (POTW) illitheas & Manuel Rocca – Eterno (Extended Mix) [Abora Skies]
27:38 Casey Allen – Infinity World (Original Mix) [Yeiskomp Velocity]
32:13 Terra V & DJT – Proyecto Uno (Extended) [Tranceformer]
36:27 Niko Hoffrén – Trance Of Eternity (Original Mix) [Liquid Emotion Recordings]
41:36 Rene Ablaze – Sun Dance (Extended Mix) [LW Recordings]
47:15 David Bak – The Last Chance (Original Mix) [Pegasus Music]
52:18 The Pulsarix – Titanium (Original Mix) [D.Max]
56:20 Ricardo Guerra – Constellation (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]

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