Ahhh, another week and another Trancescension.
We hope you have enjoyed last weeks episode. This week will be something special.

Together with all of you, we have worked our way through 5 episodes.
From these episodes I asked you to pick your favorites and therefor creating a new list of tracks for this episode.

Well it seems you really did go all out in voting as you have completely change the top 5 for this month.
Just 1 track stayed on the list, which I don’t mind AT all, and you seem to like it a lot.

So let us see what this week has to offer.
As per usual we have a brand new Ascension track of the week by none other then Sandro Mireno.
We have a new Promo of the Week by Trancephile.
And apart from those 2 a bunch of other recent releases which you should really really hear.

Hope you are ready for this episode.
Below you can find the tracklist and the option for you to vote for you favorite track of this week.

Good luck voting and lets see what tracks remain in next months episode.

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Track List:

1 Seif Meets TP One – Sahara (Original Mix) [sahara recordings]
2 Genzuru – Artemis (Extended Mix) [Premier League Recordings]
3 MaRLo, HALIENE, Triode – Castles in the Sky (Extended Mix) [Central Station Records]
4 ReOrder, Audrey Gallagher – Your Own Way (Original Mix) [RNM Bundles (RazNitzanMusic)]
5 Victor Special – Moon Flower (Original Mix) [TranZone]

6 (ATOW) Sandro Mireno – In Our Memory (intro edit) [Abora Skies]
7 Haikal Ahmad – Dimension Travel (Original Mix) [TLT Digital]
8 The Shining – Allure (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance]
9 Corrado Baggieri – Restart (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]
10 (POTW) Trancephile – The Waves Of The Sea (Extended Mix) [Tecnomind Music]
11 Varsente – Central Visual Motion (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
12 Ryota Arai – Circular Quay (Extended Mix) [Silent Shore Records ]

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