You might have forgotten but last year we introduced the Trancescension Showcase episodes.
This year this will continue of course!

So who is it this time?
We are very honored to welcome to the Trancescension Showcase Lineup: Redwave Recordings

“Redwave Recordings is a new label, focusing on Uplifting & Progressive Trance, the label focuses on releasing quality tracks”

— Redwave Recordings

Very proud to be able to do this and have Redwave Recordings along for the ride.

The new showcase will take place on the 13th of February 2021.
An hour long episode mixed by owner Seif Osama filled with all that his label has to offer.

If you are curious you can always check out their beatport page for all there releases.

Below is a playlist of the label’s latest music which I urge you to go check out.
There are some real beauties in there.

Not much more I can say about Redwave other then I hope you will enjoy this months Showcase.

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Be sure to put it on your calendar. 13-02-2021!

See you there.