Nearing the end of the year and 1 year of Trancescension episodes. Thanks for the support!
We have 1 normal episodes after this left and 1 guest so be ready for the final guest of the year.

This episode we have a new ATOW and POTW and many more recent releases that you don’t want to miss.

So now its in your hands:
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Cheers and hope to see you again next week!

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Track List:
01:03 STNX – Tetra (Extended Mix)
06:09 Trance Reserve – Ghosts (NyTiGen Remix)
10:05 Marc Ward – Syrinx (Extended Mix)
14:39 Paul Johnson – A New World (Original Mix)
20:27 Kiyoi & Eky – Reset (Extended Mix)
22:33 (ATOW) John Newall – Second Self (Extended Mix)
30:49 Derek Ryan – Empath (Extended Mix)
36:16 Kenny Palmer – Sen’jin (Extended Mix)
40:50 Rayd8 – Andromeda (Extended Mix)
45:38 (POTW) Etasonic vs. Mystairium – Quarantine (Extended Active Mix)
50:40 Spectral – Prismatic (Extented Mix)
55:32 Angel Ace – Hasta Siempre (Extended Mix)

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