Welcome to a brand new episode of Trancescension.
Every week we take a journey through the best new and upcoming releases.

As it is the start of a new month we are here again with the 5 most voted for tracks of last month.
The Ascension Roundup is back in action this week. This is the top 5 of this month:

The Ascension Roundup for October

Besides the roundup we also have a brand new ATOW (Ascension Track of The Week) and a new POTW (Promo Of The Week).
Se we hope you will enjoy this weeks episode!

Here is the tracklist for this weeks episode.
You can see the time stamp here so you know what track to vote on 🙂
Cheers all and see you next week

5) 01:02 Armin van Buuren, Perpetuous Dreamer – The Sound of Goodbye ( Ferrin & Morris Extened Mix)
4) 06:50 Rene Ablaze, Michel Westerhoff – Made In Holland (Extended Mix)
3) 12:17 Genzuru – Artemis (Extended Mix)
2) 17:30 Kenny Palmer – Quel’Danas ( Extended Mix)
1) 22:09 MaRLo, HALIENE, Triode – Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix)

27:27 Roman Messer – Amsterdam (Extended Mix)
30:54 Woody Van Eyden, Drew Darcy, Paton – Reach Out (Extended Mix)
36:29 (ATOW) Tony Grand, YURI PIKE – Sunset (Original Mix)
40:27 The Conductor & The Cowboy Feat. Aero – Sunshine (Extended Club Mix)
46:29 Roman Messer – Blossom (Adip Kiyoi Extended Remix)
49:48 Ferry Tayle, Driftmoon – Geometrix (Original Mix)
54:30 (POTW) Dan Iwan & O.B.M Notion – Like An Angel (Original Mix)

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