TCN – Evolution

Trancescension Evolution

Every since starting Trancescension I have wanted it to become a platform to help other artists and labels to get exposure and airtime. I always intended to help people get their music played.
After 2 years of carefully shaping Trancescension to a point where I could comfortably say that the show was doing well and being enjoyed by many, I could finally put part 1 of my plans in motion.

Trancescension evolution is that the first step of the brand "Trancescension" that will branch off into the subgenres of trance and beyond.
Evolution will feature monthly guest as well as myself bringing you the latest releases in the world of Progressive music.
During the course of 2 hours, you can enjoy many amazing tracks from old to new.

The show will release every last Wednesday of the month at 02:00 PM CET on almost all the major platforms.
Be sure to check it out and get ready for a new journey through the unknown.

- Vorcera