Look who we have here.
I have been wanting to lift the blanket from this secret for a while but now the cat is finally out of the bag.
This months guest session will be honored by the one and only Victor Special.

Check out on of his latest releases with Joe Cormack above

Now this episode is not just him playing some tunes for you to enlighten your day with. Victor special has an album coming up real soon and he has blessed the Trancescension show with a fully mixed hour long episode just for you guys.

So a bit of an exclusive here today!
You will have keep taps on his Facebook page or Twitter for more info in the coming weeks.

As always we would love to have listeners there with us on the 27th of February with this very special episode of Trancescension.
This Ukrainian DJ is going to really drown you in some amazing music.
I already heard the mix and it is really wonderful.