Throughout history music has been a big part in how humanity has gone from 1 era to another.
Every decade, or even less, new styles of music are created and others move to the background.
For the many years I have been on this planet music has been a big part of me as well, especially trance music.

For 2 years now Trancescension has been a radio show that I throw every kind of music into.
It doesn’t matter if it is Psy trance or Progressive, Uplifting euphoric or emotional, it all goes.

I started Trancescension in 2013 and always wanted to make it a platform that could help artists get their music heard, even if just once. But there are limits to how far things can go with just a 1 hour show every week.
There is about max 12 tracks that I want to cram into a 1 hour show as I don’t want to cut the life out of the tracks I want to present.

For that reason I have always had the dream of eventually create multiple branches of Trancescension that aim at bringing you a more specific style of music. think of shows that bring only Uplifting vocal or just vocal in general.
Or how about a psy trance specific show or a orchestral trance one.
I think you can start to see where I am going with this.

So after a lot of thinking and looking around, this year, every last Wednesday of the month, you can tune in to a Progressive style hour long episode of Trancescension Evolution.

This will be a much different show than the main radio show and I hope you will enjoying and supporting this show as much as the Main Radio show.

This month on the 26th you can tune in.
So put it on the agenda and get ready for a progressive journey through the a different part of the trance universe 😉