You have just landed in a section of this website where I want to let you become part of the weekly Trancescension show.

As you know already, Trancescension is a weekly show that takes you through the latest and future releases.
This means I always have to decide what tracks there are ever week but that is going to change.

As I choose all the new tracks, ascension tracks, promo's, showcases and guest sessions this one is for you guys! The Ascension Roundup is there for you!
You will be able to vote for your favorite track of the week and at the end of the month after the Guest Sessions I will collect your votes and set up a TOP 5 of the best tracks of that month voted by you.

The only think you have to do is go to the top post at the right of this text and select your favorite track. Then in the comments let me know why you picked that track.

And you are done!
The only thing left is to mark the first episode of the month in your agenda, follow Trancescension and the official Trancescension Community group on facebook and stay up to date with the latest updates.

IF there are enough people voting for their favorite tracks, in the future I want to give you guys something in return.
So be sure to get everybody you know involved and lets see if we can get your favorite track back in the next episode.

- You can only vote for 1 track at a time.
- Be honest and vote only once. (I don't want to put the voting behind a email lock)
- Comment why your chosen track is special but don't spam and be respectful. (Otherwise your comment won't make it.)
- You don't have to comment, but for me it would of course be amazing to hear why you pick the tracks you pick

Every track, every episode is available to be chosen.
So if you want to have a track from the Roundup back in the next, you better get enough friends to vote for it!

I can't really add more to this so I wish you happy voting and see you in the next Ascension Roundup



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TCN S01 EP44 – Progressive Special

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TCN S01 EP43 | Showcase ft Premier League Recordings

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TCN S01 EP42 – Ascension Roundup

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TCN S01 EP41 ft. Jos Van Aken