Welcome to Trancescension

Every week I try to take you on a journey through the latest and upcoming releases and pull you back in time with some amazing throwbacks.
During this hour long journey you can expect tracks from the deepest progressive to the hardest hitting Psy Trance. There is basically no reason not to give it a try.


You might already have seen or heard from these but these are of big importance to the show. As always I don't want to just take the spotlight, I want to share it. One of the ways to do that is to accentuate a few tracks that disserve a good few more volume levels on your stereo. 

  • #ATOW
    This stands for the Ascension Track Of the Week.
    Here I have taken a track that I think really disserves those extra volume levers. This track stood out to me the most this week. 
    As of yet it is still selected by me but in the near future I want to try and make it a track that you select. By becoming a Patron on my Patreon page you are already able to influence the show and the ATOW will be added to that.
  • #POTW
    This stands for Promo Of The Week.
    Every other day or so I receive Promo's from labels and producers. Sometimes these are from big artists and sometimes they are still early in their career. As I said earlier here I want to put someone else in the spotlight. Give their track a bit of exposer. Good music is supposed to be played, right?
  • #TOTW
    Here we go back in time with the Throwback Of The Week.
    While searching for the latest releases, it is also fun to take a look back in time that goes further then just a few weeks.
    Here I will take tracks from the late 1990's or or through ten's.


Every episode you will find a survey for.
Here you can vote for the track you enjoyed most in the last episodes.
You can find the voting form on the homepage or on the Trancescension episode page.
After the final episode of the month, the voting closes and the next episode will feature the Ascension Roundup.
Here you will get a top 5 list of tracks that you as listener voted for.
You can even vote for the tracks in the list as well, so you can have a track stay in the list for multiple weeks.


As nice as it is to have a place to find all the mixes and listen to them, vote for your favorite tracks and comment on the episodes, it is way more fun to become part of the community.
The Official Trancescension Community is a Facebook group with lots of people who tune in to Trancescension every week. It even contains some of our guest DJ's and producers that have been on the show.
You can talk about the shows or talk about trance music in general.
I will be there as well so if you post new tracks they might even go into the new episodes.


The main thing of it all is that you enjoy the show.
if you feel I should change something or you want to suggest a track, be sure to send me a message here on this website or to

Again, I hope you will enjoy Trancescension and hope you will support the show in the future.

- Vorcera


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Trancescension S02 EP91 | Showcase ft. Sundance Recordings

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Trancescension S02 EP90

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Trancescension S02 EP89 | Ascension Roundup

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Trancescension S02 EP88