TCN Weekly

Trancescension Weekly is your Monday update on everything regarding Trancescension.
When you receive that email every week you are one of the people who know exactly what is happening, what is coming, the tracklist of the shows and links to all the relevant info.

No need to wait for updates on social media or keep coming back to the website. You will also find exclusive news that is not yet out there like upcoming guests.
So you won’t just be up-to-date but even ahead of the rest.

If you think that sounds juicy wait till our Patreon page takes off.
When you are a Patron I am planning to do something like mentioning certain people in the newsletter for special thanks and more.


You will not receive spam.
I will do everything in my power to keep things from becoming spammy.
Like the title of the newsletter says, it is a weekly newsletter.
It will stay that way. no exceptions.
My parents always told me not to do onto others you would not wish on yourself, so that’s what I am doing.

Finally, if you ever find anything I could do better or think it would be a great addition to the newsletter or to the show itself, don’t hesitate to send me a message on social or to

Cheers guys and see you next time!