Vorcera – At The Beginning

New awesome album.


Vorcera – At The Beginning

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It has been a long time coming BUT it is finally here.
In 2013 I started as Vorcera officially and have tried numerous times to produce my own music. Sadly it never really happened. Now in 2020 after a year of full devotion and endless practice I finally did it.

Everything has to start somewhere. So does the career of a music producer.
Hard work and hours of studying have gone into a year full of progression.
This track signifies that beginning for Vorcera.
It has gone through many version to get where it is now and you will hear that it is not your run-of-the-mill Trance track.

Even though the track is Progressive trance it has its own flavor. I don't like to stick to conventions all the time.
The track is appropriately named "At The Beginning" as that is exactly what this track stands for.

I hope you will enjoy this first release.
Here is to many more!