Throughout the recent years I have been working hard on getting Trancescension out there. Connecting with people and labels, trying to promote music as much as I can during the show and outside it. Things have worked out great up till now and I hope that it may be going even better in the future.

During the last few months a lot has changed as well. As you might have already seen on socials there will be a new show coming soon called “Elevation“, the already airing new show “Evolution” and maybe a fourth coming later this year.

But we should also not forget the wonderful people out there who have been making a part of this all possible. First we started on and last year we also kicked off over at Trance energy Radio and for the people following us on social, you have already seen that we have started working with Beats2Dance as well.

All of this was a big learning experience for me, where I meet so many different people giving me tips and tricks on how to go about promoting the show, how to air it, how to release it. Many new inputs have really broaden my view on things. That is also the reason why through some new knowledge I decided to change the way I release Trancescension to the world. To all of you.

Firstly, how did I release Trancescension anyways?
Saturday used to be the start of the week. The new episode went up on air for Trance Energy Radio, after which it went live on socials and later the same evening you can tune in to SW20Radio. This works fine until you get more stations involved on different dates.

To make things more clear and easy for people to understand I decided, that in stead of keeping my release cycle on the Saturday, I would move it to the Monday. With that I will also not post the latest episode on social anymore until the next week. This way you will always know that the new episode is airing throughout the week and after that week you can listen to it as much as you want over on other platforms.

To give an example of this:

Say episode 100 is releasing in week 10 of the year.
That means episode 99 is now available of replay.

Now we move into next week for episode 101
That means episode 100 is now available for replay.

There is a possibility to hear the new episodes as they air though and that is through Patreon.
When you become a Patron over on you will get a notification when te new week starts and you can listen right away.

I hope this explained it well enough.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or send me an email on