It is time to celebrate!
Well maybe not yet but we ARE closing in to a massive milestone.

On the 18th of December 2021, we will reach our 100th episode in Trancescension.
It will also be 2 years since we started our journey with SW20Radio.
We have had a lot of support from them.
But we also had a lot of support from you as listener and the amazing music from all the artists that have been featured on the show, the guests and labels, we have had a wild run through the Corona times.

Currently we can see the show is constantly growing, month by month. There is just no stopping it.
We are having big plans for the future and try to spread out to more platforms and radio stations so EVERYBODY can tune in.

Because we think that these 100 episodes and 2 years after the reboot is SOOOOO important, we want to celebrate with your all.
Come join us in a massive livestream Trancescension episode.
We have taken care of the music with not just myself playing but also a couple of other great guests.
We hope you will be as excited for more info that is coming soon.
But for now I can only say that the livestream will start at 3pm CET and last until 12AM.
More info is coming as we get closer but please be sure to stay tuned on all our socials so you don’t miss the announcement.

Cheers all and thank you for your attention, support and hope we can keep this up far FAR into the future.