In my quest to produce my own trance tracks, I certainly have a lot to learn. As I have no knowledge of writing music in general and no family members who do, I have to learn a lot from scratch on my own. This brought me to the idea of streaming my production sessions online on twitch. (I don’t just game on there you know 😉 )

So now skip to the 6th of November. I was doing some learning and watching tutorials on writing melodies from chord progressions before this video was streamed. And when starting my video I thought it would be cool to just try and practice chord writing making a melody. Might not sound great but it is just me starting out.

So yeah here is the video recording from twitch. If you want to be there live be sure to be ready on Wednesday evenings from 8pm CET.
Go to and watch me go live.

Anyways, here is the stream from november 6th.