During the last year Trancescension evolved to a stable weekly show live on SW20 Radio. I have tried to hone my skills in mixing and creating a better show for you to enjoy. But up till today you were only able to listen to the show if you could find it online or was there at 10pm GMT every saturday.
Well I have have some amazing news for you my friends.

Starting today you will be able to enjoy the Trancescension show from multiple places.
I have tried to make it available on multiple platforms so there should be room for everybody to listen to it.

I do miss a few episodes in there as there are now 20 episodes.
But don’t worry as they will arrive this week with the new episode at the end of the week.
Sorry for all the notifications you might get!

Here are the places you can now find my show and enjoy it anywhere and everywhere.

SW20 Radio

First off.
If you want to be the first to hear Trancescension when it goes public you have no other options then tuning in to my favorite Welsh Radio station.

SW20 Contacted me last year and asked if I wanted to be part of their radio station on the saturday evenings and fill a one hour long spot filled with banging beats.
Well the rest is history haha.

Go check out SW20 Radio now and absolutely on saturday evenings from 9pm CET with my buddy Phill Sharman and the Affinity show, right after you will hear me with Trancescension from 11pm CET

Google Podcast

After some trial and error I finally managed to get the podcast online. You can now enjoy every podcast through:

Just follow the podcast and you are up to date with every episode coming out.

Apple Podcast

You can now also find my podcast in the apple music store.
You can directly go to the podcast with this link.
If the link doesn’t work go here: https://podcasts.apple.com/nl/podcast/trancescension/id1518396310?l=en


So, on Soundcloud you can listen to all the episodes of Trancescension as well. BUT there is more, as you can also listen to the Productions I am working on.
Even more reason to go there then!

check it out at:


Want to listen through Mixcloud?
You can do that as well. I created a playlist just for Trancescension so you can listen there at your hearts content.

You can also subscribe to support the show there if you want.
** disclaimer: All donations and subscription income go towards better hardwar, more new music, plugins for production and other dj/production related things.

check out Mixcloud here:

Want to subscribe and support the show?
Go here


I am working with people to find a way to put the Trancescension show on Youtube.
For now it is not yet to the point I can upload the new mixes BUT it will be coming this year.

Check out my channel and consider subscribing.
Subscribing makes things easier for me to spread more content on there.


Some of you might be loving to listen to radio through TuneIn. And I don’t blame you as the service is rather encompassing when you talk about radio.
But you TuneIn veterans probably also know you can listen to podcasts there. That is why you can also listen to Trancescension on there.

Check it out right here! Trancescension on TuneIn.com


So this should be a great place but sadly the guys at Spotify don’t want music podcasts on their platform.
Though I can understand and it sucks for me.
So sadly no Spotify for Trancescension.


We are also available on Deezer if you want to find the show there.
Just go HERE and enjoy every episode on the road.

Hope you enjoy

I really hope you will enjoy the Trancescension show as I have a lot of fun creating them. During the creation I also learn new ways of producing in my music software and that means I WILL finish my first track somewhere in the near future.

Till that happens I hope you will be following the show and when you can follow me on my socials on facebook and twitter as well and let me know where you are listening from.

Have a great day and see you on the show!