Hey all can I just first thank you for reaching my brand new website.
Currently it is missing a lot still, but I am working hard to get the website up and running with more content and more for you to do.

So what can you expect in the future?

  • Trancescension episodes and their tracklists.
  • Voting system for the Trancescension Ascension track of the week.
  • hopefully an integrated comunity form later.
  • My own released music page

To name a few.

I am really happy with the current result but as you know things break sometimes or I make mistakes.
When you find any mistakes in grammer, episode numbers or broken images or links and much more, send me a message.

You can always reach me through facebook.com/vorcera or twitter.com/vorcera.
You can also join my discord channel here

I hope to see you back on the website in the future and be sure to subscribe to the podcast that you should be able to find in spotify, apple Itunes and google podcast.

Hope you have a great day and see you next time!