2021 is a year that I will be working very hard on improving things on all sides. One of those is making sure we have a guest every month.
So that being said I am happy to say that the first guest on our show in 2021 will be none other the Dutch colleague Roy Malloy.

Though not a Trance artist but full on progressive I can not ignore getting this guy on the show every now and then.
Last time was way to long ago as well BUT for some reason his show keeps coming back up in the statistics.
You can check his first appearance on Trancescension out in the video below
(Be aware that this is very old. you might be in for a surprise haha.)

As I said it has been way to long for him to be back on the show and I highly encourage you to check him out on the different social and media platforms.

You can find him on the following places:

He is not just some artists but also produces his own radio show called Deep Senses which you can check out on his Soundcloud.
But here is the end of the year compilation which he released at the end of 2020. Also be sure to check his show out on facebook HERE

I hope you guys are ready for Trancescension S02 Ep 54 | GuestSessions with Roy Malloy.

Be sure to tune in on SW20Radio or here on vorcera.com.
The show will be released to the public in the 30th of January at 11pm CET on all major platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, TuneIn and more.

Have fun and see you this weekend.