Today features a brand new release on AboveAllMusic by dutch producer Michel Westerhoff.

No flag or umbrella to follow, but music. Michel Westerhoff will guide you into Trance with his signature sound of uplifting melodies. Open your heart, open your ears and ‘Let Me Guide You’.


The track is called “Let Me Guide You” and after listening to this track I get that immediate rush of uplifting trance vibes that I always love to have.
The track was released yesterday 15-06-2020 and you can get it now over at beatport.

You have the choice between 2 versions. One is the radio mix and the second the original full length uplifting beauty!
As awesome as I think this track is, I am hoping there will be some remixes of this cause I often love how people can have a track have the same feel but sound completely different.