If you are are follower of SW20 you might know that Phil Sharman is one of the other presenters on the station.
Better yet, he is one of the so called “Guardians of dance” Together with me.
We are also on the breakfast show with Roger Tomkins every Saturday morning.
Together with Roger we talk a little bit about our upcoming show and just some friendly banter from time to time.

But this week we have something special.
On the homepage you might have noticed I talk about House music 1 time. That means that I do not shy away from my guilty pleasures. I love to play all kinds of house but specifically Nu-Disco and Funky, Jacking House.

This week Phil Sharman will have a new guest mix on his show. It will be none other then me, myself and I.
When the recording of his show is uploaded I will put it on my site.
But for now I want to invite you to his show on Saturday evening 8pm BST.

Be sure to like SW20 Radio Facebook and follow Phil Sharman himself to stay up to date with his own show which I highly recommend you give a listen over on his mixcloud.