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A Plague Tale - Innocence...
Where do I even start.

This game puts you in a world where the plague or more commonly know as the Black Death is on the rise and rat infested towns start falling one after the other.
You start the game as the lovely and, to my surprise, very touch and strong willed girl called Amicia. She has a brother but her mother never really lets you near him for some reason.
Not much later you find yourself being thrown into a world of chaos as everything around you starts to crumble and die.
Rats are chasing you in every dark corner and you parents are dead.
Now it is up to you to flee from whomever is trying to capture your brother and stay survive the rats who lurk in every dark corned.

While this game is based on something that happened in real life it does have its own twist to it. While not really throwing around any supernatural stuff it does have a small taste of it which you feel throughout the game but never quite can put your finger on it.

The rest is up to you to find out together in the lets play that I have recorded on of the game. I don't want to spoil you of course ;).

Check out the post below and follow me as we journey through the world of A Plague Tale Innocence

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A Plague Tale – Innocence – Full Game Playlist