Music is more then just sound.

A few words about me.

As a kid I always enjoyed Trance music and for the longest time only listened to that. To this day by far my favorite kind is music is still trance and I would love to share my love for it with you and have a great time while doing it.

As long as we all know what we want to do in life we can muster up the energy to get motivated. Even if it takes time. My Goal is to do what makes me happy and being in the music is one of those things. Will I ever stop? no. Will I keep pushing forward? Absolutely.



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Long long time ago.

I don't know where it all started but somewhere in my early youth I heard trance music somewhere.
From that moment on I started to listen to more and more of it until I got my own portable radio/cd player! That is when I started listening even more.
I had loads of double cd or even 4 cd cases with max 60 trance tracks.
Then the moment came that I heard Tiesto doing the first ever full solo dj concert in the Gelredome in Arnhem.
That was probably the moment that I thought and knew I wanted to to become like him. I really wanted to be a DJ that could please a whole stadium of people and give people a great time in sharing my love for the music.

Fast forward to my 23 birthday or something along those lines and I got my first dj controller.
Started playing on a website called Mixify (that sadly doesn't exist anymore) and got to know many lovely people who were also in love with trance or were DJ's themselves.

After I think a year or 2 the website stopped and everything kinda fell apart. All the online fans and friends basically disappeared and I got down into a deep ditch.
Later in my personal live I lost a few people that didn't help and it was hard to find my way back.

Eventually I found the way back as trance still was and is my favorite kind of music and I started to try produce my own tracks and kick my weekly show that I had back into live.

And now I am where you find me.
Things change of course over the years and who knows I might not even be doing any of this in the near or far future.
But one thing is for sure and that is that I will not give up on playing music, creating moments on air or produce my own track as long as I have the energy and willpower AND love for this music.

Recent Tracks.

Trancescension 21-03-2020 (Radio Edit)
Trancescension 14-03-2020 (Radio Edit)
Trancescension 07-03-2020 (Radio Edit)
Trancescension 29-02-2020 Guest Mix by Stek (Radio Edit)

Random Trancescension


One of my Trancescension Live Streams.  just a random one from when I did monthly 2 hour shows.
Though now I do weekly shows it is hard to keep up with the music for 2 hours.