When a song doesn't make me feel anything, I don't play it.

A few words about me.

I have always imagined a lot of situations that I want to happen and because of that I consider myself a dreamer. Every day I work so that those situations become a reality.
Music fascinates me, not only electronic music, all kinds of music. I consider myself very creative and therefore I try to capture it in music, either when mixing or producing.



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Long long time ago.

I started my career as a DJ in 2012 by publishing the first episode of Freedom Sessions. From that moment I continued
with several projects. "Alternative radioshows" such as "Universal Language Reloaded" and "The Most Wanted Sounds"
My Radioshows have been broadcast and published on Tempo Radio, PlayTrance Radio, EDT Radio and SpotifyI have signed on labels such as D.Max Recordings, Coldwave Records, Embedded Audio and Practikal Recordings
since I started as a producer.

I am currently working on a project called "The Allianz" which is a platform to support artists which has had much recognition, mainly in Latin America.
I remember that since I met Vorcera, who I met thanks to social networks and luckily maybe,
if I remember correctly in 2016 he has been a great friend with whom we have grown in tandem in the musical field.
He has supported me and that's why I support him.

Recent Tracks.

Stek - Feelings (Original Mix)
Stek - The Most Wanted
DJ Nell & DJ Beda Vs DJ Kam Feat Anthya - Hold Me Up (Stek Remix)

Stek @ Active Sessions Live by Mike Sang.



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