’s been a while BUT something new is on the horizon.

Less than a year ago I met someone special. Someone I would normaly not even think about meeting as casual as we did.
The person I met was none other than the founder of the TranceFamilyUAE.

We were talking and at some point I told him I was a Trance DJ to.
He was interested in my sound and a few days later I send him a mixtape I had on Soundcloud.
That set and a Guest mix I did later for his show was my ticket into this.

Now it is finally summer and August is approaching fast and almost time for the 4th anniversary of the TranceFamilyUAE!
I hope you are all ready for my special set on this special event.
I did a lot of thinking of what kind of set I wanted to do and I think I did a good job hehe.

This event will run all through August every weekend!
massive ammounts of DJ’s will be in it and it will definitely be massive.
I hope you guys will al tune in when I go live on the 6th of August (exact time tba).

If you have any questions or want to know more go visit the event page HERE


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