Welcome to Vorcera.com

So you came to this website through one of my sets, pointed out by someone, facebook, etc and now what ?

Well I wanted to create something different for you guys.
Something not so dynamically generated static page.

I created this page so I could connect with people like you, visting this website, and make it more of a fun experience than just a website.

I feel that you as listener, fan or just visitor need to, not only know but also see and read that there is more than just a random guy behind the name Vorcera.

So to keep it short, be sure to look around on my website and if you enjoy create an account and get in on the fun.
You will be able to post on the form and talk to people from all over the world, you will be able to help me create my shows by sending in tips on tracks or sending you your own tracks but you will also be able to vote for tracks.

So I hope you will enjoy the website and the content on there.

I will see you soon.


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